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When Negative Is Actually Positive

Kim Hight

Life Imitates Art Blog by Kim Hight

What Makes This Sunset Stand Out

Will Make Your Life Better Too!

There is a concept in art called negative space. Basically, it's the empty space around focal points that provides the contrast for them to stand out and be seen.

And although it sounds bad (negative), it's really essential, and art would be a mess without it.

When you see a painting of a beautiful sunset, you'll often notice how there are simple sections of sky around the dramatic, colorful clouds and sun. This is negative space.

And without it, the clouds and sun wouldn't really stand out because there would be no background. Everything would compete with everything else for your attention so that your eyes and brain would be overwhelmed.

You couldn't appreciate the beauty because there's simply too much of a good thing.

I began thinking about how this simple artistic concept relates to the bigger picture.

Without the negative space in art, as well as in life, things would be a chaotic mess and nothing would be special.

Decadent meals, vacations, and even quality family time would lose some their luster if there were no "negative space".

Your health would suffer, you'd probably go broke, and you'd damage those precious relationships that mean the most to you if you had non-stop, excessive amounts of these good things.

When Negative is Actually Positive Blog by Kim HightBut when you practice moderation and allow these things become the true treats that they are, you'll appreciate and enjoy them so much more.

Sleep, downtime, and meditation are all examples of "negative space" in life.

Without these things your world would be a dizzying, non-stop merry-go-round that would grow tiresome fast.

To enjoy life the most, you have to step away from it once in a while.

So this week, try scheduling a little extra "negative space" into your life.

I think you'll find that when you take care of yourself in this way, you'll make room for the true masterpieces to stand out the way they were meant to!

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