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Plant Seeds on Monday

Kim Hight

Life Imitates Art Blog by Kim Hight

Do Your Weekends Feel Like This?

And Then Here Comes Monday and Smacks You Like a Wall

So you've made it half-way through the work week but you know it's coming. First the weekend, which feels like a single day and then BAM! It's Monday again?!

I assume you already know this, but it's worth repeating. Every day has 24 hours - no more, no less. So why does the weekend melt away like ice cream in July while the work week drags on like a traffic jam?

It's a matter of perspective. When you're not happy about doing something, time practically stops. But you're not powerless to live in a whiplash inducing time warp forever.

This is Your Life

You can change it. You just need to plant seeds. Not literal seeds but metaphorical ones. You can start by figuring out exactly what it is that you're dreading. To say something like, "I hate my job" is too vague.

You need specifics like, "These Monday morning meetings really put me in a bad mood" or "My boss is always cranky". Once you've found one specific thing that bothers you, find ways to plant good seeds around it.

For instance, you could bring muffins to those Monday morning meetings. It's a small gesture but it will likely lighten the mood. Most people will be appreciative and you'll feel empowered for having created that kind of change.

As for the cranky boss, try to find something positive about them and compliment it (sincerely, of course). If you can't muster one nice thing to say about them, compliment their office decorations or their punctuality. There's something good in everyone, and anything will work as long as it's genuine on your part.

You'll feel better for taking the high road and they may even lighten up. At the very least, you'll confuse them with your new tactics, which can be mischievously fun!

When You Change, Your World Changes

Plant Seeds on Monday Blog by Kim HightBut the best part about planting good seeds is that it changes your perspective.

You start looking for more and more positive things to plant.

Instead of letting life happen to you, you start taking control and making things happen - good things.

Sure, others benefit from it, but you're the one who gets the ultimate prize - empowerment.

And no ones dreads feeling empowered.

So go through your week and pick out places that need good seeds and sow them.

Who knows, if you get really creative with your "gardening", you may even start to look forward to Mondays!

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