About the Artist

Kim Hight

Kim Hight is a native of North Carolina.  She is a self-taught artist who began painting professionally in 2005.  Since then her work has been displayed in numerous shows across the country including New York, Dallas, Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Hollywood and Las Vegas. 

Several of her images have been licensed and are now being sold internationally and a collection of Kim's work has been published in a book entitled Great Art.

Kim also has a love for animals and enjoys painting them.  She has donated several pieces of original art to The National Humane Society and the California Wildlife Center for benefit auctions.

She works mostly in acrylics and oils with a focus on landscapes, seascapes and commissioned portraits.

Her style of painting can best be described as romantic realism.  Each painting contains elements of reality that have been enhanced with creative details and surroundings.  The viewer is invited into a wonderful world where all is serene and beautiful.

Pier 19
Home for the Holidays
Mountainside Village

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